About Us

We are a Production Music library that's been around since 1999. We started as a production company (Slak Productions, still going) many years earlier, but found that most of the production music out there sounded like, well, "canned music". So we decided to expand into the production music market with a mandate to offer tracks that didn't sound like stock music. And here we are all these years later, with hundreds of unique tracks of amazingly crafted, premium music available as affordable single track downloads, and new tracks being added all the time.

Don't let our prices fool you. Our music is at least every bit as good as from those companies that charge expensive needle-drop fees. Where else can you get music this good for only $39 per track on a buyout?

Who is Kool Music?

We are a boutique library representing some of the finest composers from around the world, providing you with an astonishing variety of music in every genre and style imaginable. We have over 35 different composers from places such as the UK, Ireland, Greece, Iran, Serbia, Czech Republic, Spain, Colombia, South Africa, Finland, Russia, The USA and Canada. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect tracks for your productions quickly and easily, and at a price that won't break your budget.

Exclusive Music:

All music tracks on this site are exclusive to Kool Music, meaning that you can rest assured that none of our tracks have been re-titled and offered for sale on several different sites like so many other libraries are doing.


We are not the largest music library, nor do we want to be. We lovingly hand-pick each track to make sure only the best music is available to you. We don't accept just any music to make ourselves look impressively big, either. Which means that you won't have to sort through all sorts of mediocre tracks to find the gems, saving you time. Isn't that what it's all about?

Easy to Search and Audition and Purchase:

Go ahead and do a search using our easy to use search fields. Audition the results then purchase safely through PayPal. Your high resolution tracks will be delivered right to your inbox within minutes.

Extremely Affordable:

Look at our rates, remembering that our tracks are exclusive to Kool Music. Then take a deep breath and smile, knowing that we've got your back when it comes to great music at a great price!

Important Note:

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